Planning an Outdoor Space with a Smooth Transition

When planning an outdoor space, you should consider transitioning the interior and exterior space of your home to maximize enjoyment and convenience.

If your outdoor living space is cleverly planned, it will serve as a natural extension of your interior. This allows your family to enjoy the outdoors and add livable space to your dwelling. The key to achieving this goal requires a smooth transition. An outdoor living space falls within the shadow of the structure of your home so it should be cohesive with the architectural design of your home. A soft transition between the interior and exterior will provide a seamless shift that will open up the inside of your home while giving you all the benefits of nature. Outdoor living spaces that provide a soft transition are utilized more often and prove to be more functional for entertaining, dining and, recreating.

Accomplishing a seamless transition from indoors to out can be achieved through a variety of methods.

Opening up the room

The installation of glass doors, sliding doors or, pocket doors (which need to be installed during the construction phase of the home building), will let you open up to the outdoors.

Matching Design

Use similar design materials, themes and style both inside and out. A growing variety of weatherproof materials will allow homeowners to match the interior and exterior décor, tying both spaces together. While your outdoor living space does not have to match your interior entirely, seeking out similar flooring, paint colors, accent pieces or fabric choices will aid in the transition.

Pergola Addition

An attached pergola can be the solution for a smooth transition to your home. Not only will this structure define and facilitate your space, but it also acts as a conduit between the interior and exterior of your home. This function can be further enhanced with the addition of a retractable canopy overhead. This can provide your space with the closure and privacy you desire. A retractable canopy attaches to any overhead structure. It gives you the option for how much sun or shade you want so your next successful gathering will not be controlled by the weather. It is fully framed to withstand wind and rain. The roof of an outdoor structure will not only protect you from the elements but establishes an overhead borderline for a soft transition.

A well-planned outdoor living space must maintain a smooth transition from the interior to the exterior to be functional and comfortable. Keeping with the original architectural design of your home will allow your outdoor space to create a seamless transition. It will extend livable space to the outdoors giving your family more room to do the things they enjoy.

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