Eight Ways to Utilize Your Backyard Patio

There is a lot you can do with your outdoor space whether you have a small deck or an expansive patio. Before any money is spent, it's advisable to think about how you would like to use your backyard. Start by creating different zones or areas that would cater to your specific needs. Perhaps you want to cook outdoors while still having an area to lounge and relax, or maybe you prefer an alfresco dining space or a spot to roll out your yoga mat.

To get the ideas flowing, here are 8 different ways you can use your backyard space to make it work for you and your family. 

Social Corner

Carving out a space to hang out with your family and loved ones is a good start. Many homeowners opt for an outdoor living room set up, bringing the inside, outdoors. Pick comfortable seating options and arrange them facing into each other for better conversation. Multifunctional furniture like ottomans and poufs serve as extra seating, a useable surface, or for putting your feet up at the end of the day.

Dining Space

Alfresco lunch anyone? When the weather is nice, try having lunch or dinner outside. You can go for small bistro-style furniture if space is tight or opt for a full dining table with chairs. Another fun option is setting up a bar top with bar stools. Equip the bar with shelves underneath for much-needed storage. Finally, optimize your deck for late night dining and conversation by adding outdoor lighting.

Lounging Area

The best use for your backyard space when it’s time to disconnect, relax and rejuvenate. Set up lounge chairs, hammocks, or day beds in a cool, shaded area in your yard. No natural shade? A covered pergola would do the trick, providing sun and rain protection when outdoors. 

Garden Spot

Think you might be a green thumb in the making? Or perhaps you would like to at least give it a try? Carve out a nice spot in your yard to start a garden. It could be herbs, flowers or vegetables, just make sure to do the relevant research before your first trip to your local garden store. Staff there should also be able to help you buy the items you need for upkeep.

Drinks Anyone?

What better way to make use of your deck than to make it drinks-inclusive. Why should you have to go all the way indoors for a cold one? Whether it’s a stand-alone feature or a part of your outdoor kitchen, an outdoor bar will have you sitting in a lap of luxury with easy access to your favourite beverage. If you don’t drink alcohol, serve iced tea.

Stunning Pergola

The partial shade from the pergola ensures that your deck is beautiful. For optimal functionality, try adding a pergola that comes with a retractable shade. Choose between a modern or traditional look and pick shade fabrics that match your style and vision. Any outdoor room or space underneath will be protected by this dependable duo.

Get Grilling

There are so many benefits to having an outdoor grill! Cooking food is easier, it tends to be healthier on a grill and you're doing it all in the great outdoors. What's better is that grills come in different shapes and sizes so you are bound to find the perfect one to fit your space.

Add Water

Adding a water feature is ideal for creating a centrepiece in your backyard. If you have the square footage and budget, a pool is a great feature for fitness and relaxation. Above-ground pools are also an option. They are a bit more cost effective and can be erected and dismantled as needed. Need a more compact option? Try adding a hot tub.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating the perfect backyard space for you and your loved ones. Combine different ideas to enhance your outdoor living and make the most of your backyard.

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