Design Features to Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

Although summer has come and gone, there is still plenty of time to plan out your backyard for next year. Once the warm weather arrives, it’ll be time to head outdoors with family and friends, sooner than you think. You don’t need to have a sprawling yard to have an entertainment space, but there are a few features you will want to add.

We’ve compiled a list of design features for your outdoor entertainment area to get you going. With the right space and design, you can include all of them, or be selective and creative, and you’ll be on your way to having an outdoor oasis. 


Spending time outdoors is better accompanied with the sights and smells of floral on your patio space. From annuals and perennials to flowers and herbs, there are many options that would look great and enhance your space. You can find potted, mature plants that you can sprinkle around your area or plant your own and watch them grow. 


Boost golden hour with some outdoor lighting. This important feature adds ambiance, illuminates your space, and provides safety to common walkways. You can also highlight key features, brighten your dining space with a chandelier or soften a cozy corner with warm string lighting.

Comfortable Seating

Investing in comfortable outdoor seating is one of the best ways to enjoy the longer days and warmer nights. Whether it’s a party for two or you enjoy entertaining large groups, there are plenty of seating options that will have you and your guests staying beyond night fall. Opt for comfort and styles built with weather resistant material. A large family style sectional or chaise loungers scream relaxation.


With the right placement, outdoor rugs can enhance a cozy atmosphere and add visual interest to the space. Placing one around your seating area and coffee table is surely more welcoming than a monotonous concrete floor or wooden deck.


When entertaining or enjoying an intimate moment, the only thing that can ruin the mood are neighbors who have direct sight lines into your backyard. Whether it’s curiosity or more, privacy can go a long way and doubles as extra protection from the outdoor elements. Plant hedges that can grow beyond the view, install a vine covered trellis or add curtains if you’ve got a shade structure.

Shade Structures

Adding a permanent shade structure to your space improves comfort and livability, especially during the hot summer months. Including retractable shades or permanent roofs can extend the ability to be outside regardless of the weather.  During cooler months, you can continue to use this space by mounting heaters.

Fire/Water Features

Upgrade your backyard with a water or fire feature. Incorporate a small fountain, cascading waterfall or even a pool if you have the space. Modern concrete fire pits instantly add warmth and creates a space to gather with friends and family for late night get togethers.

Outdoor Kitchen

Socializing and entertaining is made easy with an outdoor kitchen. Whether it’s a compact built-in cooking station or your backyard patio filled with all the bells and whistles, it puts everything within reach while cooking a delectable meal outdoors or grabbing a refreshing drink.


Creating a tech-savvy outdoor entertaining space is sure to impress your guests. With the move to products utilizing sources of power other than an outlet, it’s easier than ever to include accessories into your backyard design. Bluetooth speakers, automated outdoor lights and even smart irrigation systems, will allow you to relax and focus on entertaining instead of taking care of your yard.   

Your outdoor area is an extension of your home and creating an entertaining space allows you to fully enjoy what your home and yard have to offer. Choosing one, a few, or all the features, can greatly improve the time you spend outdoors. So, get planning and design the perfect space for you, your family, and friends.

What features will you be adding to your outdoor space?

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