How much space can I cover?
Maximum length and width of a single unit varies by product type. Need to cover more space? Multiple units can be deployed on the same structure to cover expansive spaces.

What fabrics can I choose for the canopy?
Harbor Time: Fade resistant and water repellent. Available in 15 colors.

What is the warranty and who underwrites the warranty?

To ensure total customer satisfaction, we offer a 5-year limited warranty on all canopy components.

    Read more about ShadeVoila warranties

    Are ShadeVoila Pergolas and Pavillions DIY products?
    Yes definitely! When you order ShadeVoila products, all the parts and materials you need are included in the kit we ship to you. 

    It takes 2 people approximately 3 hours to install.

    What makes ShadeVoila products different from others in the marketplace?
    Shade Voila offers outdoor comfort with style. With it's patented retractable canopy, Shade Voila offers protection for the elements when you need it and retracts to the open sky when you don't. And because it uses ShadeFX single track technology, it will never bind or jam. 

    ShadeVoila pergolas and gazebos install quickly and easily. Our products are constructed with the highest grade of materials made to last and be maintenance free.
    How hard is it to operate the retractable canopy?
    Through years of testing and experience ShadeVoila has limited excessive drag, resistance, and friction on extension, and retraction. Proper installation allows for ease of operation.

    How does it handle the wind? 
    ShadeVoila canopies patented with ShadeFX's single track innovation, and deployment places emphasis on system tensioning. When tensioned properly the system will remain taught throughout, on extension. Tensioning allows the system with stand heavy wind loads.

    The system has passed an 80mph (129kph) wind environment test. However, excessive exposure to high winds will wear the system over time. To ensure longevity, it is recommended that the system be retracted when winds are constantly above 35mph (56kph).

    Can it handle a snow load?
    ShadeVoila systems are not engineered to bear a snow load. In colder climate it is recommend that the system fabric be removed, and stored over the winter.

    DO NOT OPERATE IN SYSTEM IN FREEZING TEMPERATURES. It can result in damage to the systems components.

    Do I need a permit?
    Permits are the domain of your local city or county law. 

    Can wildlife damage it?
    Fauna and flora can stain lighter fabrics if left unattended. Best practice is to periodically inspect the top of the system for fallen leaves, branches, debris, etc.

    How long will it take to ship?
    Lead time varies by product.

    • Retractable Canopy: Three Weeks
    • Pergola Curtains: Four Weeks
    • Cedar Pergola: Four Weeks
    • Aluminum Pavilion: Four Weeks
    • Freestanding Retractable Canopy System: Six Weeks

    How do I maintain it?
    ShadeVoila systems are designed to be maintenance free. Periodic inspection, to remove dirt, dust and debris from the system will help maintain consistent fabric colour, and lengthen the life of the system.