Relaxing Water Features to Boost Your Landscape

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A landscaped garden, trendy outdoor furniture, and a manicured lawn are what most homeowners dream of. However, what about those who want their yard to stand out? You can enhance your property by adding an eye-catching water feature. There are many benefits to adding water features to your yard including reducing noise pollution, boosting curb appeal, and simply soothing the soul.

Keep reading for several ways to boost your yard by adding one or more of these signature pieces.

Bird Bath

A classic landscape detail, this feature is beneficial for nature. During the hot summer season, this will become a pleasant steady water source for birds who struggle to find one. The birds will act like a natural form of pest control as they will eat any pesky insects that feed on your garden. They can also aerate your soil as they search for food in the dirt with their beaks and feet. With different styles available, there will be something that suits your yard space. If you especially enjoy bird watching, this is the water feature to install.


Create your own piece of paradise by installing a cascading waterfall that is simple or complex. The sound and visual appeal that this water feature adds can vastly improve the value of your home. The area can become a relaxing oasis as the sounds of trickling water in the background can calm your mind, improving your health. This is a great feature to add to an empty space or corner, and creating your own serene soundtrack.


Water fountains add beauty and serenity that will naturally attract attention. Notice how popular hotels and resorts always have a water fountain near their entrance? They become a central place of interest and a great place to gather. It becomes a dramatic focal point, and the water feature is purely admired. With many sizes, shapes, and designs, you’re bound to find one to fit in your garden. 


If wildlife interests you, there is no better way to introduce a fantastic habitat than by adding a garden pond. Simply stunning, this sparkling water feature can attract birds, frogs, ladybugs and even deer, becoming a stop for wildlife. Properly installed and maintained, adding a pond can in turn add dollars to your property value. What better place to enjoy a good book, catch up with friends or nature watch?

Plunge Pool

This water feature can be used by you and your family. Plunge pools are a great ideas for those who don’t have the space for a traditional swimming pool. They are generally designed to be like the base of a waterfall, which has been associated with a calming environment. You can double the water feature and add a waterfall to create the same atmosphere. This water feature is a luxury addition that will instantly enhance your yard space.

Boost the appearance of your landscape by adding a water feature and raising your home’s resale value. Keep it simple to cut time and effort to install and maintain. From creating a natural environment or a relaxing oasis, which one will you install?

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