Tips for Creating The Ultimate Outdoor Nesting Space

Nesting is typically associated with snuggling up indoors, but as outdoor spaces become more intimate, they are proving to be great secondary spaces for the nester in any of us. Improvements in outdoor furniture, structures, and accessories make outside nesting spaces a favorable option. Follow these three simple steps to start cozying up to your outdoor space.

1. Find the right furniture

Outdoor furniture doesn't mean two plastic chairs and a table anymore. Today, you can find fully fleshed-out pieces that are as comforting as any of your indoor items. Get a full outdoor corner sofa to have a lie about with a group of friends or invest in a settee to use as an outdoor bed. You can get as nuzzled as you'd like with the range of quality furniture open to you in today's marketplace. Add cushions, pillows, blankets, and any other accessories that will help create a space as comfortable as any indoor room.

2. Use plants and flowers to create intimacy

You can achieve nesting nirvana in no time by using plants and flowers to create a lush feel of coziness and comfort. Rich climbing and hanging vines integrated into an outdoor structure or wall can create some great ambiance. Similarly, a row of potted plants can be used to create a wall and give a space structure. Flowers also introduce scent into your outdoor nesting zone, adding an important ingredient to rest and relaxation.

3. Create an outdoor living room

Pergola kits and other outdoor structures such as gazebos can be substantial in defining an outdoor space, essentially creating a room in your backyard. With earthy materials such as wood as an option, you can feel warm and relaxed under one of these shade solutions. Adding curtains to an outdoor structure creates privacy and ambience, two key ingredients for any nesting space. Adding a retractable canopy to an outdoor structure provides shelter from the elements, providing comfort for the individuals using the space while protecting the furniture and accessories.

Have you created your own outdoor nesting space? Let us know how you created yours and what accessories are essential in creating the ultimate nesting space, outdoors.

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