Tips to Help You Puppy Proof Your Backyard

puppy with toy in mouthCongratulations! You’ve made a big decision to add a dog to your family and now you’ve got to make sure your home is prepared to handle this new furry friend. Embarking on this fun and exciting journey of becoming a dog owner can come with some craziness and some much-needed planning. But once your home is prepared before bringing your new furry friend home, you’ll be stress-free and ready for your new addition. If you’re a first-time dog owner, here are a few preparation tips to help you on your way.

Fence It

Puppy in a cage

Safety is crucial for young puppies as they begin to explore their new surroundings. At an early age, they are learning and curious about what’s in their area. Without any boundaries, they can get into some trouble and harmful situations. For lots of dog owners, a great place to start is making sure you have a fenced area for your dog to explore the outdoors. If you have a backyard, add a fence, or ensure that your current fence is in good shape. Ensure it is high enough that your dog can’t jump over it and there are no holes for them to dig and escape. Even with a clear boundary, dogs can become a master at escaping, leaving you to chase ever so fast puppy.

Remove Toxic Plants

puppy around plants

Puppies are curious and may try to make a snack out of anything, including a plant that can be toxic to them. They’ll happily even dig out some newly planted flower bulbs in your garden. Some plants can just upset your puppy’s tummy, but there are others that can be seriously harmful. Check out this list for the top then most common poisonous plants for dogs to make sure your home and yards are clear of these. 

Make a Puppy Space

playful puppy on grass

If outdoor spacing allows, designate an area where your puppy can use as his personal bathroom. This will ensure that all his outdoor business is segregated to one area rather than leaving surprises across your yard. This can be especially important if you have small children who will be running around in the same area and prevent them from tracking in a stinky mess into the house.

Be Wary of Heat

puppy running with water bowl

Just like humans, puppies and dogs can experience the negative effects of heat. In fact, they are at a higher risk for heat stress, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Help regulate their bodies by controlling their environment. When your puppy goes outside, make sure that they have access to shade and cool water. Also prevent taking your puppy for a walk during the hottest times of the day and wait for the cooler mornings or evening as the sun is setting.

Supervise Puppy

puppy with ball

As safe as the space can be, puppies can and will always find themselves in trouble. During the first few months, puppies will require a lot of supervision. When letting them outdoors, keep an eye on them ensuring they aren’t getting into mischief as they continue to learn about their new surroundings. Depending on where you live, you’ll also need to be cautious of potentially dangerous wild animals that may hurt your new addition or find them innocently chasing a squirrel up a tree. Once you’ve established where the puppy can go, what they can chew or not chew, supervision can become minimal.

Through all your early interactions, your puppy will learn what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. As long as you are prepared, you and your new best friend are well on your way to safely enjoying your backyard together.

Are you a new puppy owner? What tips and tricks do you have to puppy-proof your backyard?

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