Four Tips to Create the Complete Small Outdoor Space

We all do it. We flip through home décor magazines getting ideas of what we want in our dream home. Inevitably, we stop at the beautiful estate home with an incredible backyard outdoor living area. Of course, there is a huge stone fireplace with super-cushiony sofas (all-weather of course) flanking it and a gorgeous cocktail table with lighted candles between them. All we want to do is jump into the picture and curl up on the sofa to chat with our favorite friends in front of the fire.

However, most of us have smaller backyards that are just as perfect for similar areas to entertain friends and family or simply relax outside in a sort of outside oasis. No matter the size of the yard, there are lots of options. It just requires a little planning and creativity. The following are some tips to create the perfect small outdoor space.

1. Decide Why You Want an Outdoor Living Area

Do you want to have an outdoor dining room so that you can host magnificent dinner parties lighted by a bright moon as well as quiet dinners for two or are you in need of a cozy living room where you can simply sit and take in beautiful weather night and day? Once you decide why you want an outdoor living area, you can then begin to design your small outdoor space retreat.

2. Select the Ideal Spot

After you decide what you want, it is time to select the ideal spot in the backyard to design and construct your outdoor retreat. For the perfect outdoor dining room, the best area is probably in close proximity to easy kitchen access. Most homes have back doors that lead from the kitchen or den to a nice patio. If you work within the confines of the patio, then the project is mostly about the furniture and accessories. One really nice addition is a pergola to frame the area. We love to suggest this idea along with subtle lighting around it to create just the right ambiance at night. For more of a living room outdoors, use nature if you can by designing it around large trees. Talk about inviting! If not, create that tranquility by adding a pergola or shade. This way, you can relax outside in the middle of the day.

3. Pick Out the Furniture

In the perfect world, you would create an outdoor living area like the ones in the magazines. However, in reality, you are working with limited space so be realistic when you pick out the furniture which should not overpower the space but should complement it. If the area is really small, try to use chairs with smaller frames so that you can maximize the area while allowing easy movement between the chairs. Because your outdoor living area is not huge, keep the furniture and accessories simple.

4. Start Small

Probably the most important tip is to start small. It is better to start with a cozy bricked in patio-type area with a few cushiony chairs around a chiminea or small fire pit. Imagine sitting around a nice, warm fire roasting marshmallows. That is pretty close to perfect. Once you have a plan on what you really want in an outdoor living area, expand from there.

Creating Your Small Outdoor Space

There is nothing like an outdoor living area as you can take pleasure in them virtually year-round. No matter the size of your backyard makes no difference, you can create your ideal outdoor living area to entertain, relax or simply be in the moment. Whatever you do, be sure to plan to ensure that you maximize the small space without overdoing it. Then, take advantage of it every single day!

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