Staycations: How to Get Away Without Leaving Your Home

Need a break but not ready for the long haul or investment of traveling to a far-away land? Try indulging in one of the biggest trends transforming the social scene, the staycation. Staycations let you get the rest and relaxation of a holiday without leaving the comfort and convenience of your own home.

As anyone who has ever planned a vacation knows, sometimes “getting away” can involve a nightmare of logistics that end up stressing you and your wallet out more than if you had stayed home. So why not enjoy a break without introducing airports, customs, and jet lag into the equation?

How can you set things up so that you can enjoy your staycation in the best way possible? Here are a few ideas to incorporate when arranging your mini-vacation at home.

Create a “Vacation” Space

Take advantage of the features of your home and realign your perspective on the roles your home’s assets play in your life. Your pergola, which ideally has always functioned as a place of solace, can become a mini-spa and relaxation space. Imagine it as an outdoor space in an exotic location, providing you with the time alone and quiet you need to re-energize. Today's outdoor living trend has fueled a wide range of available high-quality outdoor products, creating outdoor spaces that are just as relaxing, if not more, than any getaway spot.

Stock Up on Supplies

Running errands is not a way to spend a break. Before your staycation begins, make sure that your home is well-stocked with all your favorite essentials. You want all of your meals prepped and ready to go. Consider indulging in catered options so that there’s no prep involved. Step outside your comfort zone and avoid your traditional delivery options. Treat yourself to the things you usually would only save for the most special occasions or getaways.

Turn off the Outside World

Treat your staycation like a true break or holiday. Turn off your connections to business and the stresses of the world. Put your cell phone, tablet, and laptop away and try not to sneak any peeks for the duration of your break. Keeping yourself plugged into the constant and distracting stream of information that defines modern life will only compromise your holiday.

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