Shade Pergolas: How to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

One of the best ways to get the most out of an outdoor living space can be to give yourself a bit of shade, creating a place from which you can enjoy your garden or outdoor space without worrying about too much sun or even too much rain. In the past, many homeowners have gone for roll-out awnings – extendable canopies that are braced on two aluminum poles bracketed to a wall of the home.

The modern and stylish home of today, however, is better suited by a more recent innovation, the high-end shade pergolas with a retractable canopy. A high-quality shade pergola is a much more dynamic, chic, and user-friendly choice than the traditional roll-out awning, and it is redefining the outdoor space.

For one, shade pergolas define a space much better than a roll-out awning. A pergola, essentially, creates an outdoor room with well-defined boundaries. Plus, a pergola’s impressive structure can compliment even the most imposing house’s facade. A roll-out awning wouldn’t exactly be a suitable option for a stately home; in fact, it would devalue it. A well-built, high-end pergola can actually add to the value of a home, on the other hand. Moreover, a pergola, with its carefully engineered retractable awning will better protect your valuable belongings underneath; a pergola canopy is designed to disperse rain water away to the sides, whereas a roll-out awning can have rainwater falling in a solid sheet right at your feet.

Shade pergolas can also come with “toys”. One of the biggest assets of a pergola is that it can be accessorized with great features like LED lights and even overhead fans. Roll-out awnings, with their weak structure, would not be able to support these items even if you wanted to add them on. With a high-quality pergola kit, you can get a well-engineered and well-designed structure that can be retrofitted with accessories to be as detailed and comfortable as any interior in your home. A roll-out awning? Not so much.

And for fashion-forward homeowners? Well, pergolas have a touch of ambience and style that roll-out awnings are simply missing. Pergola curtain kits can be customized to a homeowner’s tastes, imbuing a pergola with a dash of élan and even providing a bit of privacy while they’re at it. It’s hard to imagine a roll-out awning getting that much done. And let’s face it, roll-out awnings aren’t, well, in the best taste, are they? They can seem better suited to a green grocer’s stand at times than an impressive home.

So if you want to really make a statement and create a shady and relaxing spot in your outdoor space that adds to the value of your home, consider looking into shade pergolas. They far outpace roll-out awnings in terms of style, function, and quality.

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