The Five Most Common Questions About Retractable Canopy Fabrics

A homeowner in the process of assessing sun and rain protection alternatives has a lot of questions. Even after deciding that mounting a retractable canopy to an overhead structure is their best option, questions remain regarding fabric color selection, material options, and warranties.

Take a look at the five most common questions regarding retractable canopy fabrics:

1. What color looks good the longest?

Despite its reputation as a high-maintenance choice, white is always a popular option. Consumers should remember that a white retractable canopy can be hard to maintain in many settings. While seaside or island homes may have an easier time with white, most urban and even suburban consumers may have too much particulate in the air to keep white clean in the long term. Fortunately, there is a wide variety to the range of colors available with Shade Voila products. For consumers looking for a neutral color along the lines of white, but who live in an area not amenable to this color, try out a medium grey or beige.  Harbor Time's "putty" color is a popular choice for customers trying to get close to white.

2. Can I match my furniture to my retractable canopy?

Retractable canopy materials and outdoor furniture upholstery are made with two very different markets in mind and are not typically coordinated. With Shade Voila canopies, the focus is on delivering a retractable canopy that is water-repellent and UV and mildew resistant. We suggest you match color tones and consider the canopy color to be complimentary rather than matching to the furniture fabrics.

3. How are ‘waterproof’ and ‘water-repellent’ different?

A common question for consumers who live in rainy climates. Water-repellent fabrics will shed water an extended period of time. Although, not completely impermeable, it takes an extended period of pooling or stagnate water before saturation. ShadeVoila's patented single track design, with a peak in the centre of the shade, allows rain water to naturally shed on either side of the canopy, eliminating pooling or stagnate areas of water.

4. Do the retractable canopy fabrics offer UV protection?

All products offered by Shade Voila are the most UV-resistant products in the marketplace today, offering UV protection for extended outdoor use. To learn more about sun protection details from canopy fabrics, click here.

5. What kind of warranties are offered?

All Shade Voila products are designed to give consumers a long-lasting and reliable solution. Our warranty guarantees the performance of our fabrics for five to ten years (Harbor Time 5 years and Sunbrella 10 years). These warranties protect fabrics from becoming unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals.

If you still have any questions regarding retractable canopy fabrics, please feel free to contact us.

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