Pergola Covers: The Advantages of Retractable Canopies

You’ve spent weeks, maybe even months, creating the perfect outdoor event. The catering is the best in town, and you’ve decorated your outdoor space to truly reflect your sense of style and joie de vivre. The day of the event arrives… and it’s raining cats and dogs. The quaint term “rain check” never seems quite that charming when this happens to you.

Is there a solution? Is there a way to guarantee that you never hand out another rain check again? If there were a way to salvage every outdoor party and assure that you never have to cancel for another rainy day, wouldn’t you jump on it? Well, there is — the retractable canopy.

A pergola is like an arbor, a structure that, traditionally, was a garden element, a shady spot from which to enjoy an outdoor space. You’ve seen vine pergolas countless times in the romantic imagery of the Mediterranean, for example, or even as a feature in a formal English garden. The pergolas of today, however, have taken a style and engineering leap and are redefining the outdoor space for high-end homes across the country.

Modern pergola kits are well-built structures and some come with retractable canopies. They can be freestanding or attached to a home, allowing owners to either improvise with their placement or use the pergola to add to the stature of a home. Whatever their location, be it nestled on a corner of a garden or situated as a formal entry room to an outdoor space, these structures’ shades create a perfect pergola cover that protects everything (and everyone) under it from rainy days and even hot, sunny ones. They are carefully crafted to avoid “pooling” water and disperse water off and to the sides, guaranteeing protection of your high-quality outdoor furniture, electronics, or outdoor kitchen beneath.

Their functionality and usability on sunny days are unparalleled, as well. The easy and smooth way in which the canopy can be adjusted allows you to get as much or as little sun as you like. Plus, a pergola cover can be retrofitted to work with everything from lights to fans, creating a true “outdoor room” that has ambience, style and all the amenities of your favorite interior space.

So, if you love your outdoor space and want the option of enjoying it anytime you like, no matter the weather, consider looking into purchasing a retractable canopy. They come in a wide array of styles and materials, and they can even be accessorized with high-quality pergola curtains to add a bit of color and style, too.

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