Planning an Outdoor Space: Right Tools for the Right Job

When planning an outdoor space, homeowners can save themselves money by tackling some projects on their own. Homeowners willing to tackle some outdoor home improvement jobs can keep moolah in their pockets. A DIY project can give a homeowner a real sense of accomplishment while allowing them to revel in their ingenuity. Utilizing the appropriate tools will simplify the process and increase efficiency.

Investing in high quality outdoor tools will make your life easier. While most tools for your outdoor project can be easily found at a hardware store, your project may require tools you don’t own. Unless you have grand plans to start a landscaping company, or you live next door to one, renting tools could be the way to go. Tools can be rented from stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. Renting will not only trim your budget, but free you from the responsibility of storage and maintenance of a new lawn toy.

Creating outdoor space can be typically split into three phases including foundation, frame and finish. The finish work will depend on your preferences and various tools could be required to give you the look you want.

Building a deck will require the proper lumber or composite materials. You will also need will a post hole digger, shovel and wheel barrow. The framing phase will require a cordless drill, jigsaw, screw gun, bolts, screws, hammer, nail gun and circular saw, preferably a hand held. This is a two person job so make sure to recruit a friend or family member with some building skills.

A patio can be built from bricks, pavers or concrete. Most patios are within the skill level of the average homeowner, but don’t try to tackle the project alone. Materials needed for a patio: string, stakes, a level, mattock, shovel, landscape fabric, 2x6’s , galvanized nails, expansion joint material, gravel, screed, sand and broom or brush . Then it will be up to you to add pavers, stone, bricks or concrete. If using concrete consider renting a cement mixer, mixing concrete is difficult. Pavers require spacers, a club hammer and notched trowel.

If you decide to go natural with grass, bushes and trees you will need some basic lawn equipment. These tools will be worth investing in for future use. A spade, square mouth shovel, trench shovel, round shovel and post hole digger for digging holes, find one to best fit your landscaping needs. A pickaxe is necessary if you need to loosen up the ground. Grass seed, fertilizer, a tiller, rotary spreader are required for maintaining and planting grass. A lawn mower, hose, edger, clippers and rake will help you keep your outdoor space looking beautiful and inviting.

For more information and instructions to help you create the perfect yard for your family check out the following links and companies.

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