The Simple Start to Planning an Outdoor Space

The winter is slowly coming to a close, but that does not mean you should not start planning an outdoor space for the summer. Contemporary outdoor living spaces are no longer to be defined by a patio table, umbrella or tiki torch. This recent evolution is attributed in part to the remarkable selection of high quality outdoor accessories now available to consumers.

These products such as gazebos, pergola kits, retractable shades and stylish outdoor fixtures provide convenience and comfort for a more pleasurable outdoor experience throughout the year. You no longer need to sacrifice amenities to enjoy the outdoors.

Homeowners are taking it to the next level by creating stunning outdoor spaces, boosting a home’s livability and value. Ideas for outdoor space are limitless including an outdoor bar, kitchen, meditation area, putting green or additional entertainment space. Homeowners are not the only ones benefitting. Businesses are creating private spa space, cabanas, and additional dining areas. Once you have decided to take advantage of outdoor living space you can execute a plan for bringing your project to life.

Planning is fundamental to creating a successful outdoor living space. Beauty, functionality and cohesion are created in a well- designed landscape. While you want a purpose in mind, leave room for growth in your design so creativity can take its course. Factors that should be considered and will help shape your outdoor living design include, climate, space, transition from inside to out and natural elements.


If you want to enjoy your outdoor living space year round, will you require a fan or heat source? If you live in a wet area, overhead protection is a must. The same is true if you live in a bright and sunny area, maybe shade is a requirement, or you might want the option to have shade and sun.


So where on your property will this fabulous area be located? To guarantee your outdoor living space will accommodate all your needs, make sure to measure the space. Taking the appropriate measurements of your area will avoid the overcrowding of people and furniture. Verify you have space for your desired accessories as well as room to move around comfortably.


An outdoor living space should be an extension of your home or business. The transition from inside to outdoors should be seamless. Utilize materials that are cohesive with the structure and design of your home and business.


Incorporate natural surroundings in your design. Responding to the environment is part of sustainable design and will be the most natural for your outdoor living space. Take advantage of the scenic views and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Natural elements found outside will complement your space.

Whether your outside living space design is simple and natural or elaborate with loads of extras, customizing a space to suit your lifestyle takes planning. The goal is to be comfortable and relax while taking in fresh air.

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