How do you Measure Up When Planning an Outdoor Space

An expansive yard is not necessary when planning an outdoor space. Whether your space is small and intimate or large and spacious, creating a comfortable outdoor area is conceivable for any size property. If you desire a quaint space to yourself, room for recreation, sunning or entertaining, an outdoor space can be functional and fun no matter the size.

So what are the possibilities? A sun deck will typically require the least amount of space with a couple of chairs and cocktail table. A bistro area will need room for a small round table and chairs. The dining room would be bigger for plenty of space for a table and chairs, leaving room for guests to move around the back of the chairs easily. A living room would require the largest amount of space with room for plenty of seating and tables, a heat source and other entertainment options such as a television.

Taking the proper measurements will help you prepare your space for design and decorating. Here are some tips to keep in mind once you have measured your space. Predetermine the activities you plan to enjoy in your new space, how much dedicated room do they require.

If you are planning on dining alfresco, make sure you are close to the cooking source, whether that is outside or your kitchen inside. Come up with a layout and establish a traffic pattern to keep people from running into one another. Don’t only measure for furniture, but easy access around your fixtures so people can move freely.

Prepare your due diligence and research any bylaws or zoning laws in your region in regards to dimensions. City zoning laws prevent homeowners from building over power lines and they set limits about how far from the end of the property you can build. Check the distance required from structures to pools and hot tubs. Many homeowners associations have strict guidelines in regard to alterations you make to your home and property and usually require an approval process.

Those with open space could benefit from an outdoor structure on their property. A pergola offers comfort and style to any outdoor living space. If your yard lacks landscaping, especially trees, it is ideal for shade and adding architectural interest to an outdoor living space. A pergola can visually connect a house and landscaping providing character and a focal point to an otherwise dull yard. Pergolas can be placed over outside walkways for protection from rain or bright sun.

Pergolas can be customized with natural plant growth over the top for partial sun or a retractable roof for more dependable protection from the elements. They can also be accessorized to provide privacy. Pergola kits come in various sizes to fit your large or small outdoor space. A selection of materials and colors are available to suit every style. Pergolas have grown in popularity over the past several years due to their versatility. They can be placed against the side of a home, or near a pool or be left free standing.

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