Planning an Outdoor Space: Guide to Comfort

When it comes to planning your outdoor space consider all the possibilities. When planning an outdoor space, your goal is to utilize the space as much as possible. In order to do this, take advantage of all the wonderful luxuries and comforts created specifically for outdoor use.

Some available features to extend your time outdoors include the following.

Retractable roof

An outdoor structure that has an overhead cover or roof will be utilized far more often than an unprotected space. A retractable roof or canopy offers the versatility of enjoying the sun or shade. It makes for a smoother transition from indoors to outside by maintaining a roofline. A retractable roof will add architectural interest to your outdoor space. Maintenance free and easy to use, a retractable shade can be operated manually with a rope similar to pulling drapes or motorized with a remote control. An assortment of colors will be sure to match any style. Waterproof fabrics resist future rotting and mildew. Standard and custom sizing is available with high quality brands. These covers can be placed on new or existing structures. A retractable roof will protect you, your guests and belongings from powerful UV rays, wind and rain. No need to cancel the party due to weather.

Heaters and AC

Heating and cooling sources will keep you comfortable throughout the year. The choices are vast when it comes to how you want to cool or heat up your outdoor space. If you are looking to warm up you might want to consider a stand up propane patio heater. Other choices include a wall mounted infrared heater or portable options such as a hanging halogen heater a table top heater or fire pit. A fire pit can be bought at a store or designed to fit into your landscape for a more organic feel. For homeowners looking to cool off, a professional grade mister is a great addition to outdoor spaces in dry climates. Ceiling fans will generate a nice breeze and circulate air. An outdoor fan can also create an environment difficult for insects to fly through, keeping them at a distance. Make sure to install heating and cooling equipment specially made for outdoors, they are built to withstand humidity.


An outdoor fireplace will keep you warm while creating an inviting outdoor space. Serving as a dramatic focal point it adds texture and style to your space. An outdoor fireplace can be built with a variety of materials such as natural stone, stucco, siding, brick or you can choose a kit, complete with all the materials you will need. Keeping the materials cohesive with your home and the current architectural style will help it blend seamlessly. A wood burning fireplace will give you the traditional sights and sounds of a traditional fireplace. It will also produce a significant amount of smoke. A gas burning fireplace does not require a chimney, will not produce ashes or ember but may lack the charm of a wood burning fireplace. Check with your city and county for requirements and regulations essential before installation.


Here is your dilemma, a game is coming on you do not want to miss but the weather is so nice outside, what do you do? An outdoor television proves you can have it all. You can watch a movie while in the hot tub and not miss a throw, run, dunk or kick while grilling. When placing a television outside make sure it is under an overhead cover such as a covered patio or retractable roof. An outdoor television is engineered to work outside with extreme heat, cold and humidity. With a durable exterior their panels will also reflect the sun’s rays so the picture can be easily seen. While outdoor televisions can run more money, you do not want to run the risk of using the wrong equipment. Installing an indoor TV will render you warranty useless and could pose a safety hazard.

Dining Area

You can bring the sophistication of the indoors outside with endless options in outdoor furniture. Choose outdoor furniture and fabrics that are durable and weatherproof to prevent fading and mildew. If you plan to dine at dusk, a lighting fixture can be installed into a roof or draped along a pergola or attached to a retractable canopy. Be sure you are in close proximity to the food preparation area for added convenience. An overhead cover along with accessibility to a heating or cooling source could extend your dining time outside.

Contemplate all the potentials while in the planning stage of your outdoor space and determine your must haves. Careful planning along with a well thought out design will help you avoid future complications. Locate gas lines if putting a gas fire pit or fire place in your space. Make sure to have all the appropriate electrical outlets close to support your desired appliances and fixtures. If putting in an outdoor kitchen, bar or water feature water hook up is essential.

Added features will allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year without have the weather put constraints on your outdoor time.

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