Pergolas: Adding Value to Outdoor Living Spaces

You’ve invested time and money in making your home the place of your dreams and a place of value. Ideally, your home is a living thing, a space that evolves with you over time and adjusts to changes in lifestyle, taste, and the seasons.

When adding those new, necessary touches that come up on occasion, your first priority, of course, is making sure that the accessories and additions you choose for your home add to its overall value and appeal. After all, you’ve already put so much effort into imbuing your space with meaningful touches; plus, your home is an investment that is meant to last and increase in value over time.

When it comes to outdoor accessories and options, however, many a quality-conscious homeowner has been stymied by the excess of plastic, disposable items on the market— items that add little or no value and appeal to an outdoor space. With everything from plastic green chairs to the “classic” garden gnome, adding value to an outdoor living space can leave you feeling like you have few options available.

Fortunately, there are high-end, high-quality choices you can make for your outdoor space that not only add value to your home, but actually enhance your outdoor experience.

Also known as arbors, pergolas are 4-post structures that create shade and give shape to patios, verandas, and gardens.  With options ranging from traditional wooden varieties designed to interact with vines to modern varieties accessorized with curtains, lights and more, these pergolas are an attractive, high-quality accessory for your outdoor living space that add value and maximize your home’s curb appeal.

One of the biggest virtues of purchasing a pergola for your home? No more rain checks. Pergolas with retractable canopies give you options on rainy days and guarantee that your next outdoor event won’t be ruined by a stormy day. It’s a helpful feature on sunny days, as well— the roof can be extended or retracted to give you as much or as little sun as you want. Plus, these retractable canopies are guaranteed to protect any high-quality furniture and belongings used in the pergola. If you want to protect anything from your outdoor kitchen to your favorite Eames chair, a pergola with a retractable canopy is a must-have for your outdoor space.

Pergolas also create a great balance between indoor and outdoor. Many people see them as a way to extend the comforts of their home into an outdoor setting. Likewise, retractable canopies are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while still enjoying the comfort and structure of an indoor setting. Hosting a dinner party on a summer night under a pergola allows you to maintain a certain elegance to the experience while allowing your guests to enjoy the summer air and breeze.

They are also one of the best options when it comes to preserving your privacy in an outdoor setting. Just because you are enjoying your outdoor space doesn’t mean you have to be prey to prying eyes from neighbors or passers-by. A pergola creates an instant private space through the use of curtains, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of being outside while still preserving a space of your own.

For more information on pergolas and retractable canopies that add value to your home and outdoor space, check out our product offering.

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