Pergola Plans: Where to Start with Your Outdoor Living Space

A pergola is a special addition to your home that can really transform your outdoor living space into the ultimate outdoor experience. While customizable pergola kits have made getting the right pergola for your space a breeze, many of us get a bit intimidated by the process and don’t know where to begin. Here are some tips on how to start with your outdoor space and some ideas that will get your creative thinking going with your pergola plans.

Determine your outdoor space’s “theme”

Is your outdoor space wild and untamed or civilized? If a garden is its centerpiece, do you want it to perhaps reflect a traditional English garden or a Japanese one? Start out by narrowing in on the theme of your outdoor space. Also, consider what your outdoor space means to you. Every space has particular energy or feeling that colors the experiences someone has in it. How does your outdoor space make you feel? And is that a feeling you want to build on or transform?

Determine your pergola’s function

Pergolas can function as shady spots on a sunny day, private enclosures, or even rain protectors for an outdoor event. Give special consideration to what you want your pergola to achieve for you in terms of coverage and protection from the elements. Also, determining whether you want a second living room of sorts or a more outdoorsy experience can help you narrow in on a starting point in your pergola plan.

Pay attention to the floor or ground

The floor or ground that will function as the base of your pergola can affect logistical decisions like materials, weight, and size: Will a wood pergola look right with stone? Will a vinyl design incorporate well into a grass setting? Balance pragmatic and aesthetic choices in addressing this aspect of a pergola plan.

Determine what your outdoor space needs

A well-thought-out design will supplement and enhance your existing outdoor space. What is your outdoor space lacking that a pergola can provide? Anything from a splash of color to a bit of shade can apply here, so really consider all the factors that are at stake here when initiating your pergola plan.

By starting with these basic details, you’ll have a solid base from which to start thinking creatively about your pergola plan. You’ll end up with a pergola that does your home justice and makes your outdoor space a pleasure to come home to.


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