Pergola Plans: Choosing the Right Size

You have decided, or perhaps are seriously considering incorporating a pergola into the outdoor space of your home. Now comes the fun part, making the aesthetic choices, the little touches that will make the pergola a stunning addition to your home. Of course, there are also pragmatic issues to consider. One that many new pergola owners forget to consider is determining the right size for a space with regards to a pergola plan. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when determining the right size for your new pergola.

What look are you trying to achieve?

Do you want an imposing structure that adds to the grandeur of your home, or something with a more casual or organic look that blends into the space? Having a specific idea of this detail will not only help you focus on size, but also help you make important decisions about materials, style, etc., all of which can affect your pergola plan.

What is your ideal use of the space?

Some pergola owners are looking for a true extension of their home. For example, an outdoor version of a dining room or sitting room.  Others are looking for a space that incorporates a garden or other outdoor setting. These considerations can drastically affect the size of a pergola plan, so keep them in mind. Assess your end goal and use it to carefully plan out your pergola’s size.

What kind of furniture will you use under the pergola?

Remember, you always need room to breathe so plan accordingly. Give yourself and your guests room to move and the space itself a chance to flow. Pergola plans should highlight open space and fluidity, accentuating the feel and ambience of an outdoor space. If you don’t plan correctly, you will be left with a cramped uncomfortable space that adds little value to your outdoor experience.

What is the space around the pergola like?

Is there a walkway to take into consideration, an exit from the home? Make sure that you keep in mind what’s going on around the pergola. No one wants to be stuck with a logistical nightmare and a blocked exit door due to a lack of forethought and preparation. Another consideration is whether you want the pergola to blend in or stand out– keep an eye out for garden growth that could be incorporated into your pergola and adjust your pergola plan accordingly. Likewise, assess the free space you have available to you if you want the pergola to stand out and create a statement.

With these considerations in mind, you will be well on your way to selecting a perfectly sized pergola plan for your needs. Correctly sizing your pergola plan can be readily done with the right preparation. Your pergola plan will result in a beautiful and welcome addition to your home, one that incorporates ideally into your outdoor space and accentuates the right notes to enhance your home’s appeal and your overall quality of life.

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