Pergola Kits: Elegance and Style Made Easy

Those of you who are looking into adding a pergola to your backyard or outdoor space may also be considering whether or not to take on the project yourself and build your pergola from scratch or purchase a pergola kit. While in the past someone with solid carpentry skills might have had a go at building a pergola with a degree of success, the truth is that today’s pergola kits far outweigh homemade pergolas in terms of convenience, cost, and time spent.

A Well-Built Solution

High-end pergola kits provide unprecedented quality in terms of their structure and engineering. For those of us who aren’t master carpenters and builders, a pergola kit provides a guarantee that a pergola will be built to last. Owners won’t have to worry about structural errors or the possibility of a pergola wearing down too quickly with age. Pergola kits are designed and engineered by experts who always keep your needs (and your space’s needs) in mind. Another huge plus? No work sweat and tears on your part. Pergola kits arrive ready to go at your door for easy installation by your or your contractor.

Still Customizable

High on the list of priorities of people considering a homemade pergola is getting a result that answers directly to their affections. Fortunately, today’s pergolas can still be tailored to your specifications and tastes. You won’t need to worry about being stuck with a pre-packaged “one size fits all” answer to your pergola needs. You can select every detail from curtain material and color, the accessories you want to be able to add to it, and the structural materials involved.

Retractable Canopies

Something those in the homemade camp might not have considered is the fact that select pergola kits come with a special feature, one that will be a huge asset in the end and would be very difficult to replicate at home – a retractable canopy. Adjusting to different times of day and different types of weather, a retractable canopy can do everything from save your furniture to save your tea party from a rainy day. The best pergola kits provide retractable canopies with unique ShadeFX technology, as well, that allows rain water to drain to the side instead of pooling and stands up extremely well to all the elements.

No Surprises

The best quality of a pergola kit? You won’t get any unpleasant surprises– the costs are upfront and can be planned for well in advance. Building projects, on the other hand, can often get out of hand from a budgeting perspective as different issues and unexpected contingencies come up. A one-week project can turn into a one-month project, tripling costs along the way. A pergola kit is the safe alternative – it gives you an upfront price that won’t surprise you in the end, giving you an addition that truly adds long-term value to your home.

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