Six Pergola Design and Style Ideas

Pergolas come in a wide range of designs and styles to suit any creative aesthetic. Styles are as unique as personalities and are influenced by moods, seasons, regions, landscapes, art, and more. Here are some of the best pergola design and style ideas to help plan your backyard oasis. 


A pergola can be attached to a home, pool house, doorway, garage or any durable structure.  An attached pergola offers a seamless transition from the interior of a home to an outdoor space. One side is attached to the home while posts support the opposite side. Over a door or window, it can add architectural interest and provide shade. Attached to an entry door or garage, it protects homeowners and guests from the elements.


A freestanding pergola will provide homeowners some distance. This pergola design is built away from the home typically with four support posts at each corner. Placing the footings in concrete will keep the structure properly anchored. It can be built over a garden, deck, patio or any other outdoor space. Because the outdoor structure is self-supporting, it can be placed anywhere in the yard with no limitation on size, weight, or height.


A hybrid pergola is a combination of an attached and freestanding pergola. It is in essence a freestanding pergola with no overhang on one side.  A hybrid pergola is an ideal solution for an outdoor space with a corner or for a homeowner having difficulty finding a pergola to fit a unique area. A hybrid pergola will keep an outdoor space covered even if it is around the corner.


A classically styled pergola offers charm to an outdoor room. Design characteristics include columns and architectural details. The craftsman is traditional with refined quality and built with four posts and beams over the top. A traditional pergola has timeless aesthetic value, never going out of style.


A contemporary pergola is distinguished by clean lines and its simplicity. Often made from wood or aluminum, it takes its cues from modern architecture. The roofline is flat or curved with few details, aside from repeating patterns. Frequently seen poolside at hotels, a contemporary pergola will help homeowners feel progressive and luxurious.


A custom pergola will give a homeowner exactly what they want. They can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and structural materials. Most outdoor spaces are not identical and standard sized pergola kits do not always fit. A custom pergola will allow a homeowner to fulfill their specific vision. Endless configurations are possible including the number of beams at the top for sun and shade. Not only can a custom pergola be designed without compromise, but accessories can be included to tailor fit their needs.

Regardless of the design or style you choose, a pergola is a great addition to your deck, patio, or landscape. They add architectural interest and natural shade, boosting the functionality of your outdoor space. Are you planning to add a pergola? Comment below and let us know which one is your favorite.


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    I live in Pittsburg pa do you travel that far!

  • Stven

    A pergola is a shortcut that maximises your usable outdoor space where you get to add outdoor furniture. If one of the walls pergola is attached to the outer part of the building, it creates a windbreak and provides shelter from the rains.

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    As seen in the pic for custom
    Price please
    Or classic design with size please

  • Jim tenHove

    Love your pergolas .we are in Victoria BC let us know if you are available here !

  • Sharron Milne

    We want to extend our porch which means attaching to our current one. Your don’t appear to have a solid roof, can you add that? Thank you

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