How to Measure for Pergola Curtains

Outdoor rooms created by a pergola extend many advantages to a homeowner. At times, however, you may want a bit more privacy, shelter from the sun, or even a barrier between you and elements such as the wind. A Shade Voila pergola curtain kit allows you to mount a seamless track to your pergola, giving you a reliable, high quality way to create shelter and privacy as needed. Before selecting a pergola curtain kit it is important to determine the exact length of curtain you will need to create the desired result.

Mounting the Pergola Curtains

Shade Voila pergola curtain kits offer a very integrated look by utilizing a track mounting system that sits flush against the structure of the pergola.

Measuring for Your Pergola Curtains

The first step in measuring the height of your pergola curtain is assessing where you will want to mount the track for the curtain. For majority of Shade Voila pergola curtain installations, the track mounts flush with the bottom of the pergola’s horizontal beam. This is the standard installation method and delivers the advantage of allowing the curtain to fold in two directions. In some cases, however, you may need to mount the track at a higher point on the beam, in which case the curtain will only fold inward. If you require a different location for your pergola curtain track, please contact us to ensure proper ordering details.

Once you have settled on the location of your track, you can measure for the length of your pergola curtains.

Measuring the Length:

1. Beginning at the bottom of the pergola’s beam or rafter you want to mount the track to, measure down to the ground. This is your OPENING LENGTHand the dimension used for ordering. We will make the required adjustments to ensure you have a recommended 1" clearance from the ground.

Measuring the Width:

2. Measuring the width of your curtain needs to begin with selecting the track width. Measure the width of your beam and then determine exactly what size track can fit on that beam.


Note: It is important to keep in mind that outdoor curtains should be taut when closed to their full width, unlike an indoor curtain that maintains folds in it when closed. This allows an outdoor curtain to function as a solid wind wall when used in tandem with Shade Voila wind anchors.

So as you can see, getting the right size Shade Voila pergola curtain kit is a simple matter of taking a few key measurements: opening length and width for each panel. We do the rest. In no time at all, you can select and order the ideal curtain that gives you privacy, shade, and a comfortable nook to shelter in on a windy day.

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