Pergola Curtains Guide: How to Choose Your Fabric

One of the most exciting choices you can make when selecting new pergola curtains is choosing what type of fabric you’re going to use. This is when you get to start really focusing in on the look and feel of your pergola. The first choice you need to make is deciding between solid and sheer pergola curtains.

Solid or Sheer Pergola Curtains

When selecting between a solid or sheer curtain, it’s important to take a moment to assess what your main motivations are in installing pergola curtains. Both choices deliver a lot of benefits across the board, but give you these benefits in slightly different ways and with small aesthetic differences.

So, what are your priorities in installing pergola curtains? Are you looking for privacy, protection from the elements, a certain atmosphere? Let’s look at some of the functions curtains deliver and walk through how either solid or sheer curtains can deliver.


Curtains provide the ideal solution for pergola owners looking to create a private nook on occasion. Sheer curtains can deliver a modicum of privacy, but by their very nature still reveal a bit of what’s going on inside a pergola. Solid curtains, on the other hand, are a complete and comprehensive answer to your privacy needs.

Protection from the Elements

Many pergola owners live in sunny climes and prioritize sun and UV protection in a curtain. A solid curtain can give you complete protection from the sun’s rays, as well as a shield from other elements like wind and rain. Sheer pergola curtains, with their more ethereal structure, provide some shade and wind protection, but are not as comprehensive in this respect as a solid curtain.


If budget concerns are at the top of your list of priorities, a sheer curtain is the choice to go with. Solid pergola curtains typically come at a higher price point. Selecting a sheer curtain delivers much of the form and function of a solid curtain, but at a more manageable price.


Do you want an ambient and ethereal space? Then go for sheer curtains. Sheer curtains let in just enough of the outside world to create a flowing and free space inside a pergola. A solid curtain functions much more like a wall and can constrict the interior of a pergola. If your priority, however, is creating a sealed environment, solid curtains can work with zippers and closures, giving you a true outdoor “room.”


Both solid and sheer pergola curtains that come with Shade Voila curtain kits are well-made and durable options. Solid curtains, however, can give you just a bit more durability in the long run.


Those of you with style and aesthetics at the top of your list have a range of colors to choose from with both solid and sheer curtains. Solid curtains can also come in a range of premium patterns that can add an extra layer of color and style to a pergola.

So what’s at the top of your list? Take a moment and weigh your options, then peruse the color and pattern choices available to you. Whichever type of curtain you end up going in for, you will be getting a quality curtain solution for your pergola with Shade Voila.

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