Choosing the Perfect Pergola Lighting Solution

Whether you use your pergola to relax with a good book or enjoy a perfect al fresco lunch, this comfortable outdoor space is always the hub for entertaining during daylight hours. As your outdoor space grows in sophistication, it is only natural to desire a daily prolonging of your convenient 'staycation'. With the proper pergola lighting solution, you can turn all your relaxing days into entertaining evenings.

Let's look at four pergola lighting solutions that can help enhance the beauty and character of your outdoor space while extending its daily use.

Alluring Lanterns Help Identify Outdoor Space

From classic to contemporary, lanterns are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Finding the one that suits your tastes and pergola design will not be difficult.

The most popular pergola lighting solution is the lantern. When placed on the pergola's perimeter beams and/or columns, the dining or seating area is distinguished from the rest of your deck or patio. Also, a dimmer switch can be easily installed to control how the space is lit up, allowing you to shift the ambience of the space based on your functional needs or personal mood.

Assortment of overhead lights create a fun, festive feel

Adorning the beams of your pergola with strings of lights allows you to create a festive vibe perfect for evening entertainment. Best of all, string lights don’t require hardwiring. Simply plugging them into an ordinary electrical outlet gives you the freedom to choose when and how you wish to use them. Keep in mind, frosted bulbs help create a more intimate mood, while clear bulbs invoke a more celebratory, bright atmosphere. Remember, check that any string lights and extension cords you decide to purchase are suited specifically for outdoor use.

Spotlights can help to accentuate your personal touch in outdoor spaces

Typically, spotlights function to accentuate home architecture and accompanying garden expanses. However, these spotlights can be a wonderful addition to your pergola as well.

When positioned on the ground, a spotlight 'up lights' the pergola's perimeter. Not only does this identify the space, but it also enhances the beauty of the structure and any personal touches. During evening hours, outdoor living features such as water displays, fireplaces, plants or sculptures can be redefined by adding dimension and depth to their existing attributes.

When garden spotlights are affixed to the pergola’s beams or to the top of the pergola’s columns, they can function as 'task lighting'. Areas such as the grill or food preparation, can be illuminated by overhead spotlights, creating a safe and convenient outdoor workspace.

Keep in mind, if you choose 'down lights', it may have an impact on comfort as a result of excessive brightness in areas designated for entertaining. To avoid this, choose spotlights with rotating heads. This will allow you to change the direction of the light accordingly while also allowing you to alter and change any outdoor furniture whenever you feel necessary. Often, a creative combination of both uplights and downlights creates the ideal pergola lighting solution.

Chandeliers aren’t just for formal dining rooms

From simple to elaborate, a chandelier designed for outdoor use not only illuminates your pergola, but it can serve as a fantastic focal piece as well.

When embellished with candles, the warm light of the chandelier creates a romantic, cozy ambiance. If you decide to outfit your chandelier with traditional lights, it’s an ideal way to light up your pergola’s dining space. Chandeliers are relatively easy to install, typically they hang from a chain that can be lowered or raised in accordance with your changing needs.

Considerations When Choosing Pergola Lighting Solutions

To choose the most appropriate lighting for your pergola, it’s important to consider how you intend to use the space. For example, if your pergola is primarily used for dining and entertainment, you might select a combination of soft overhead string lighting and task lighting. If you want to create a cozy space where you and your spouse enjoy drinks and conversation, dimmed lantern lights may work perfectly.

Whether you choose lanterns, string lights, spotlights, a chandelier, or a combination of all these, outfitting your pergola with the proper lighting solution will surely create a stunning space that’s as inviting under the stars as it is under the sun.

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