Perfect Flowers for Mum’s Pergola for Mother’s Day

Perfect Flowers for Mum’s Pergola for Mother’s Day

Celebrated in more than 50 countries worldwide, Mother’s Day is a special day created to honour the sacrifices mothers made for their children since 1907.

Typically falling on the second Sunday in May, there are many ways to give recognition and celebrate these important women in our lives. Gifting flowers is one of the most popular ways we display appreciation. Whether it’s a bouquet of their favourite flowers, a showstopper with their favourite colours or maybe even freshly picked en route to brunch.

One thing we know for certain, these flowers don’t last long enough. So why not spend a little more time and enhance the beauty of her backyard.

A pergola covered in florals makes for a picture-perfect background to not only celebrate your special lady, but also add colour to a beautiful family photo. Hosting a family brunch under the flowery pergola will always be a delight, and a gift that keeps giving year after year.

There are several different floral climbers that you can use to adorn the structure. While adding color, the eye-catching greenery can also soften the framework. Here are some colorful vines to consider for your pergola.


Clematis flower

An absolute classic, clematis are among the most ornamental of all flowering vines. They produce heaps of flowers in a wide variety of colours including purple, pinks, white and red.

To maximize flower production, clematis need to be planted in full sun. This makes planting one to climb up and over a pergola a great location. With over 300 species, some varieties can grow up to 20 feet and beyond.

When choosing a clematis, keep in mind of bloom times as they can vary depending on the species. Some bloom in the spring, some in the summer and some in the fall. Some also bloom continuously through the summer and fall. Planting a variety of these can ensure you’ll have beautiful flowers for most of the year.


Roses Flowers

A woody perennial, roses are one of the oldest and romantic flowers in the world. Available in various colors and growing to 40 feet or more, these distinctively fragranced flowers can be trained to climb up and over your pergola.

The best climbing roses require full sun exposure such as American Beauty, Dublin Bay, and Iceberg. Roses abundantly bloom from mid-spring to fall but is also dependant on your location and climate. There’s a reason why roses are the birth flower for June. Living in a warmer south climate, expect to see roses all year. However, in a colder city, the roses may not fully bloom until June.



This heat tolerant plant can grow almost anywhere. The honeysuckle vine is a simple to grow climber that is available in many varieties, blooming in soft pinks, neutral whites, and uplifting oranges. Native to North America, the Trumpet Honeysuckle is non-invasive and blooms in the spring to fall.

Some honeysuckles can grow up to 30 feet and is fast growing. Keep in mind, the plant will usually flower within three years. Once established, most varieties bloom in the spring and some continue to flower through summer and into early fall.


Wisteria flower

A fast and aggressive grower, wisteria produces beautiful cascading blossoms. This fragrant flower can reach over 30 feet long and look remarkable when hanging from a pergola in the spring. Ensure the pergola supports can hold the weight of wisteria as it’s also known be quite heavy in full bloom.

Thriving in full sun, regular pruning and training will help control the growth as wisteria are known to grow into every nook and cranny it can find. With every beauty comes its downfall and wisteria needs to be planted with caution. This plant contains substances that are toxic when ingested to pets, livestock, and humans. 


Jasmine flower

A twining evergreen, Jasmines are easy to grow with a fragrant pure blossom. They provide greenery to fill in the pergola with light colored flowers for a fresh and simple look.

Jasmine loves the sun and the more sunlight it gets, the bigger, better, and bountiful it will grow. Available in many varieties, this vine can grow up to about 20 feet and blossom throughout the year in warmer climates.

Pergolas covered in floral add a little bit of privacy and become a beautiful backyard statement. The best part? It’s a gift that mom will get to enjoy year after year. Which of these twining vines do you prefer?

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