Four Outdoor Fire Features Great for the Fall Season

backyard with sunken firepit

Fall marks the arrival of colourful leaves, cooler breezes, and lower temperatures. This is the time most people tend to pack up their outdoor living spaces and head towards the warm and cozy indoors. However, you can choose to extend the usage of your alfresco space with a warming fire feature. Not only do they heat the outdoor areas, but they also set the tone of your outside space and boost the ambiance.

These popular outdoor features are available in different heating elements that can suit any backyard design. Continue reading for four fire features bound to keep you warm outside and improve your outdoor space.

Outdoor Fireplaces

outdoor fire place

If you love to cozy up around a fireplace indoors, create the same atmosphere outdoors. This rustic choice adds that warm campfire feeling with real flames and a crackling glow. Made of brick, concrete or other materials, this sophisticated focal point offers a degree of luxury to your outdoor space.

This timeless feature can also increase the value of your home when included in your backyard space. Dependent on the design and overall area, it can provide a significant boost, adding monetary value should you decide to sell your home.

Fire Pits

outdoor firepit

Get back to the basics with a classic firepit. Some homeowners even choose to DIY these and build a fire pit using their own creative ideas found on common design platforms. For those who aren’t as creative, these can undoubtedly be found at your local store in many different sizes and styles. Most are designed to be above ground and easily transported should you wish to change location of your firepit.

This option can also double as a source of heat to cook some food, whether it be roasting hot dogs on a stick, marshmallows or placing a cast iron pan on top of a rack to sear a beautiful steak. 

Fire Tables

outdoor fire table

An option that does double duty is including a fire table to your living space. This statement piece is available in many attractive designs and can be easily installed. Elevate your outdoor living and encourage a warm social environment on cooler nights. Fire tables are also available at dining, coffee table and even bar stool heights, providing you with different options to incorporate this popular feature. 

Outdoor Heaters

outdoor heaters

Keep your outdoor living space warm with a simple patio heater. These functional pieces are worth considering, extending your alfresco lifestyle. However, before you invest in one, be mindful of the fuel type required to fire one of these up. The three main fuel types are natural gas, propane, and electric. Once you’ve decided which option works best for your space, warm up your dining zone with an overhead heater, add freestanding industrial heaters to your corners or dot your patio space with small chic lantern heaters. 

With each different fire feature available in a large selection, there is an enormous range of ways to continue using your outdoor space well into the fall. Which fire feature is your favourite?

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