Three Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Dining Experience

Hosting a dinner party indoors is one thing, but an outdoor dinner party takes hosting to a whole new level. When the warm weather is in full swing, nothing can top having a few friends over for dinner under the stars. Before your next dinner party, what can you do to optimize your outdoor dining space for entertaining? Here are three tips to get your backyard or patio ready for the ultimate al fresco dining experience.

 1. Coverage

All great outdoor dining spaces combine the virtues of being outside with the protection you need to enjoy the outdoors in almost any type of weather. You don’t want a rain-out on your first big dinner party of the season. Look into a quality pergola accessorized with a retractable canopy to create a reliable space for hosting and outdoor dining. With a retractable canopy, you can enjoy the stars on a fine night or protect your guests from rain on a wet one. Today’s pergolas are well-made and beautiful outdoor structures that can create as impressive a setting as any formal dining room.

2. Lighting

Part and parcel of any great dinner party is great lighting. The right lighting creates ambiance and an intimate setting that allows your guests to relax and the conversations to flow. An outdoor space can give you even more options to consider when setting up lights. You can use hurricane lamps for a rustic, outdoor look or a string of decorative lights along the beams of your pergola. 

3. Furniture and Accessories

Make sure that you accessorize and decorate your outdoor space with the same care and consideration you give your interior spaces. Consider using some of the same decorative themes you use inside your home to create continuity and flow. Go in for a formal dining table like you might use inside or get creative with some casual lounge seating. Outdoor bars can also make a great addition to an outdoor dining area, giving guests a location to socialize after dinner.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate warm weather entertainment experience. Get your outdoor space ready for anything from fine dining to tapas with a few quick tips. Any ideas of your own when it comes to outdoor dining? Let us know in the comment section below.

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