Aluminum Pergola Kits: The Modern and Maintenance Free Solution

Today's aluminum pergola kits and gazebos are nothing like the options of the past. They include a wide range of benefits to the homeowner or business owners in terms of design, maintenance, and flexibility. Given the range of advantages, aluminum pergola kits have become a popular outdoor living addition and have challenged the traditional wood and PVC vinyl alternatives.


Aluminum pergolas offer a very modern look that works in both suburban and urban environments. Wood can be quite contemporary but creates a look that is slightly less edgy and earthier. Likewise, PVC vinyl pergolas are often traditional style structures. If a sharp, modern aesthetic style is a top priority for you, an aluminum pergola kit or gazebo is the best option.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum pergolas require far less maintenance (virtually none) than wood pergolas, which have to be treated to avoid rot and weathering. PVC vinyl pergolas are similar to aluminum in terms of low maintenance but can be far more expensive structures.


Accessorizing a pergola with anything from curtains to lights can bring a lot of value to an outdoor space. On an aluminum pergola kit, these add-ons are usually accommodated with built-in rails and slots for lighting fixtures and pergola curtains. Wood and PVC vinyl pergolas will not usually have these options so maintaining an integrated look between the pergola and accessories can be difficult.

Covering Large Areas

One of the significant advantages of aluminum pergola kits is the ability to interlink units to create coverage for unusual and larger spaces. Wood and PVC vinyl pergolas are typically free-standing, independent units, unable to increase coverage space after initial installation.

Sun and rain protection of the space will usually come in the form of a retractable shade and curtains for the sides. To maximize the protection of people and valuable items in inclement weather, aluminum pergola kits will usually have a gutter system to manage drip lines between the interlinked units (additional protection to retractable roofs and curtains).

Aluminum pergola kits deliver style and functionality to a home or business. Low maintenance and highly flexible, aluminum pergola kits help create a stylish, minimal, and contemporary outdoor space.

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