How to Prepare Your Backyard for an Outdoor Wedding

You’ve got the fiancé, and now wedding planning begins. One of your first thoughts is typically: ‘Where will I get married?’ Has your backyard ever been thrown around as a possible venue option? If so, there is much more flexibility regarding a backyard wedding – all dates are available, you can limit your guest lists for an intimate wedding, and if you have a furry friend, they're invited!

Before you say ,"I do", you’ll need to prep your yard for your dream outdoor wedding. The more you prepare, the better off you’ll be on your wedding day, with no surprises. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for your big day.

Save the Date

Once you’ve thoughtfully chosen your future wedding date, check out your yard around the same time at least a year before. This will give you an idea of what the landscape will look like on your big day. Are flowers in bloom? Do bushes need to be trimmed back? Is a large branch overhanging in the area where you plan to say your vows? Or is the space as beautiful as you imagined? 

Prepare the Lawn

Most homeowners want their lawns to be in top-notch shape every day. However, you’ll want to ensure the grass is especially green, plush, and level on your big day. On rainy days, the water might pool in some areas, so roll out these spots to prevent muddy situations. Be proactive when taking care of your lawn, such as seeding dirt spots, watering on hot days and safely getting rid of those dreadful weeds.

Create a Cohesive Landscape

Since it’s your backyard space, you can now take this opportunity to create the area of your dreams. If the flowers aren’t blooming on your wedding day, plant some flowers that will be in season and fully bloomed by the day. Try to choose plants that match your colour scheme and complement your wedding colours.

Take some time and plan a cohesive landscape that will work well with your wedding décor.

Polish Unfinished Projects

Have you been putting off fixing that pergola beam or adding that outdoor kitchen? If your budget allows, now is the time to finally check this off your to-do list. You’ll want to ensure no projects are unfinished, as they can create an eyesore from everything beautifully decorated and put into place. Have you been waiting to power wash your rust-stained concrete patio? Now is the time to clean that patio as every detail matters. Did you hope to add a deck last year and decide it could wait? Depending on the size, a deck would become a perfect place for a reception or a level dance floor.

If you’ve been putting off adding that outdoor kitchen space and have the time and budget to finish it, it’s an excellent opportunity to incorporate this area into your wedding. This space can be perfect for the bar area and for guests to mingle while munching on canapés.  

Choose a Focal Point

Look at your yard and determine where you want to say your vows. Is there already an admiring garden in your landscape that makes the perfect backdrop? Perhaps you have a pergola, or maybe you’ve thought about installing one. Don’t have time to build from scratch? These DIY pergola kits will give you a head start. Dress it up with drapery and florals to set the stage and make it as minimal or dreamy as you like.

Outdoor Lighting

You will need some outdoor lighting as your reception continues into the night. Add some lighting to increase safety to walkways or highlight a feature in your backyard. String lights are also a popular lighting choice, whether it's for an occasion or a casual backyard hangout. 

Pest Control

Establish a pest-free zone in your backyard by spraying a pesticide a few days before your event, lighting citronella candles or even planting lemongrass, lavender, or marigold to repel insects such as mosquitos naturally. The last party favour you’ll want to gift your guests is irritating bug bites.

Consider the Weather

Finally, with all outdoor weddings, you must always be prepared for the unforeseeable weather. Plan B will warrant that your day will go on, regardless of fierce winds, balmy temperatures, or liquid sunshine. It’s a great idea to have a tent ready on standby or offer umbrellas to your guests, which can double as wedding favours.

Have you planned an outdoor wedding? Let us know how you prepared your outdoor space for the big day. 

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