How to Create an Indoor Room on the Outside

blue retractable canopy over an outdoor living space

Outdoor living has become increasingly popular over the years. The ability to transform an ordinary space into your new living room but on the outdoors, has gathered popularity amongst homeowners. Spending time outside when the weather is right tops the list for many while also reducing stress, muscle tension and blood pressure.

Maximize your living space and reconnect with the fresh environment. Here are a few critical factors to create the space of your dreams and bring the indoors out.

Bring the Heat

Marshmallows roasting on an open fire

As the temperatures begin to drop, don’t let the cold conditions rush you indoors. Instead, there are plenty of solutions to make your outdoor space cozy and comfortable the later it gets into the calendar year.

A favourite and simple idea is a classic open fire pit. The idea of watching the dancing flames while roasting marshmallows, is a family favourite. Huddle around the ambient glow and create memories with your family.

Outdoor fireplaces are a polished version of a fire pit. With the option to create a beautiful architectural design, this can also become a focal point in your landscape. Keep the fire burning and extend your time outdoors.

A unique and modern take on a fire pit is a gas fire table. Often the size and look of a coffee table, it’s a great piece to be surrounded by comfy seating. This instant heat and safer option removes the worry of constantly have to feed wood, flying sparks or a trying to keep a fire under control.

Patio heating units are becoming frequently used in residential spaces. Once typically found in commercial spaces such as restaurants, these heaters can be found in stylish designs and at your local hardware or department store. They typically have a heat radius of 6-10 feet, providing warmth all around.

Simply creating a cozy space can enhance the warm atmosphere. By adding pillows and blankets to the outdoor space, the living area instantly becomes an intimate and inviting space.

Bring the Coverage

cozy pergola with retractable shade and curtain

Whether the space is a large deck or a small concrete patio, incorporating overhead protection to your outdoor area can be a game changer. Too much exposure to the sun or rain can make the space unusable, wasting your time and energy putting the area together. A simple shade solution, a permanent roof, or a versatile covering, can go a long way when hosting a party or hanging out alfresco.

To add constant shade, shade sails are a simple and affordable solution. They can be kept up all summer long and are available in a variety of colours and shapes to suit your space.

If you’re looking for a permanent fixture, adding a roof to your area will ensure that your space is also protected by rain and can be left out during the winter months.

For a versatile solution to bring in the sunshine on cooler days, retractable canopies will add coverage on those balmy or rainy days and open to warm up a space on a crisp morning.

Bring the Outdoor Furniture

outdoor living room area

Sourcing the right furniture will make you want to leave the indoors and spend the warmer months outside lounging and enjoying your outdoor space. Adding the right pieces can add uniqueness and personality to the space.

Create a cozy spot with outdoor sofas and plush cushions. Mix and match if you’re adventurous or purchase a patio set that typically comes with tables and chairs in matching styles. Sectionals are great for larger families and gatherings with the ability to change up the layout, depending on your hosting needs.

Patio egg chairs have become increasingly popular, making way for the perfect spot to curl up, lounge and relax. Don’t forget a coffee or end tables for guests to rest their favourite drinks.

Bring the Flooring

beautiful wooden deck

Flooring is an important aspect of any outdoor living space. They define the area while also providing a foundation and level surface for your furniture and design. When deciding on flooring type, consider the weather conditions, your budget, and usage. Adding an outdoor rug to any flooring can create an inviting space for bare feet.

Depending on the usage of the space, some flooring can be slippery so be cautious when the area gets wet. Looking for low maintenance? Composite decking boards offer great durability and less maintenance than wood. An affordable option? Properly maintained, concrete patios can last up to 30 years.

Bring the Accessories

outdoor wooden pergola with curtains

Spruce up your outdoor space and make it as appealing as your indoor space. Adding accessories will be the final touch, bringing your outdoor space together. Use curtains to soften lines and add privacy. Pillows can add comfort to your seating area, tying the space together by using similar colors, styles, or schemes.

Outdoor lighting is also a powerful addition to your space by illuminating features, adding safety, and allowing you to extend your eventful or pleasant day.

Once you’ve gathered all the right materials and place them all together, you’ll see your outdoor living space is where you’ll find yourself relaxing or entertaining during the warmer months. Outdoor living redefined by bringing the indoors out.

Have you designed your outdoor oasis? Let us know how you created yours.

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