Hot Tub Design Tips for Maximizing Your Outdoor Experience

Today's hot tubs are true luxury items, delivering everything from molded chairs to focused foot and back massages. The way you choose to integrate and accessorize your hot tub and the surrounding area will ultimately determine the experience of the outdoor space. Consider these hot tub design tips to help enhance your experience.

Integrating Your Hot Tub

Finding the right spot for your tub can directly inpact the quality of your experience. First, consider your end goal in having a tub. Do you want to bring out the natural beauty of your outdoor space? Consider a wood-paneled tub set in a particularly lush section of your backyard. Is your goal to be the ultimate host and entertainer? Make your hot tub the centerpiece of your outdoor area or the accessory to a major outdoor feature such as a deck or swimming pool. Are you looking for a private enclave where you can get away from the world? Set your hot tub into a hideaway section of your outdoor space to create an intimate ambiance and a true sense of privacy.

Creating Privacy

A soak in the hot tub is not always for prying eyes. Block out the neighbors and amp up your ambiance by creating a private, dedicated space for your hot tub. Outdoor structures can give definition to a space and can be paired with louvered panels, lattice, or curtains and other draperies to block out any voyeurs.

Accessorizing Your Hot Tub

Many keep their hot tubs indoors so they can enjoy the amenities of an interior space. Today's hot tubs are fully equipped with bluetooth, multiple speakers, and waterproof televisions. In the early stage of your hot tub design, consider how you are going to cover and protect your hot tub area. In addition to hot tub covers (which are required for retaining heat and keeping your hot tub clean), consider the possibilities of creating a protected area, outdoors. Pergolas and other structures coupled with a retractable canopy provide a solution for protecting your hot tub area (including accessories) and the people enjoying the space from the elements. You may also want to consider outdoor lights, fireplaces, and fans to create the perfect ambiance. By introducing accessories and working with a pergola to define an outdoor room, you can have an outdoor experience that is more lush than your indoor tub.

Soaking outdoors can be an all-out luxury experience if you consider these tips in the early stages of hot tub design. Do you have any experiences with integrating a hot tub into an outdoor space? Let us know some of your tips below.

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