Gazebos: Creating an Outdoor Living Room

Who ever said a room has to be inside? The latest big news in “interior” design? Outdoor rooms. After all, we all love our homes… but sometimes we just need a change of scenery and a bit of fresh air, right? This new trend in home decoration and design is redefining what it means to be “in for the evening” and can be an exciting, new way to transform your home and increase its value.

But what is an “outdoor” room?

Outdoor rooms are often retrofitted pergolas or gazebos that have been accessorized with LED lights, fans, and even curtains to create a room in an outdoor setting with all the attributes of an interior. The designer gazebos of the twenty-first century are complete innovations with well-engineered structures that have been built from the best materials, just like your home itself.

As private as an interior

Gazebo owners don’t need to worry about being on display when enjoying their outdoor room, either. Gazebos can be accessorized with pergola curtains, creating a private space even in the most open outdoor space. These high quality curtains can be customized to a customer’s tastes and designed to work perfectly with a particular gazebo, transforming an open structure into an intimate room as private as any interior.

No “roughing it”

Want to read at night? Flip on the LED light. Feeling a bit close on a hot, summer night? Turn on your gazebo’s customized fan. These gazebos are specially engineered to work with high-end accessories that give your outdoor room all the amenities of an interior space. You get the comfort of an entire while still being able to enjoy and interact with the evening air or your garden.

Added value and curb appeal

An investment in an outdoor room adds the type of value to a home that every homeowner wants— long-lasting and with great curb appeal. Not to mention that an outdoor room essentially adds to the square footage of your house.

Ideal protection from the elements

High-end gazebos are designed to work with retractable canopies. You won’t have to worry that any of your furniture or electronics will be damaged by sun or rain. These perfectly structured canopies are designed to never pool water, instead dispersing water out and away from your precious belongings under your gazebo. And if it’s a sunny day? You can roll back the canopy to enjoy a bit of sun, and then roll it back out again to protect you and your furniture from sun damage.

With this long list of features, an outdoor room can be a fantastic way to enjoy your outdoor space, while improving the value of your home.

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