Five Tips for Extending Your Outdoor Living Season

Outdoor living spaces are hardly limited to the summer months. A number of accessories, coverage options, and weatherproof materials can make your deck or patio the ideal hangout during those cooler months. Learn how to extend your outdoor living season by considering the five tips listed below.

With the array of coverage selections available for outdoor living spaces, cooler months will no longer shorten your outdoor living season. Retractable pergola canopies protect you, your guests, and your outdoor furniture from the elements, including cold rain. On chilled days with intermittent sun, these canopies can be retracted to allow the sun to provide warmth for the space.

Curtains , shades, and blinds are effective deterrents from the harsh cold and wind chill. For side coverage, look specifically for items that mount easily to outdoor structures. Materials such as high-quality fabrics, wood or bamboo complement the exterior style of your home while blocking wind.

Weatherproof Furniture

Outdoor furniture that retains warmth while repelling moisture is a comfortable addition to entertaining outside during the colder weather. Choose furniture with insulated padding that have a waterproof surface. A variety of materials and fabrics make for a charming outside haven while being resilient to the elements. This type of furniture offers cushion and retains your body heat when the weather is cold or damp.


Lighting is one of the key factors in establishing a thematic scene year-round but is particularly important during the colder months.

Get creative with lighting for your outdoor living space by installing small lights throughout the area to evoke a warm environment. You can also substitute the standard patio light bulb by adding multiple smaller light fixtures. For swivel or track lighting, change things up by adjusting where the light shines.

Outdoor Heat

Finding a suitable heat source for your outdoor living space is a must. Selections can be as elaborate or simple as you require. A masonry fireplace, for example, might be an excellent option if you want to go all-out for a permanent heat source. They provide a great atmosphere along with giving off that cozy and warm feeling.

For less expensive heat sources for your outside entertainment area, choose a small portable fire pit or patio heater. They are user-friendly, functional, and are a wonderful heat source.


Consider the colors of your coverage and furniture. A range of bright or deeper colors will add depth to entertainment space created on a deck or patio. For accessories, think about tossing extra pillows or blankets with a mix of red and blue-toned colors to complement darker furniture and fixtures.

Your outdoor living season can be extended by following these five simple tips. Do you have any recommendations for creating a year-round outdoor living space? Let us know in the comments below.


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