Enjoy Your Backyard Even When It’s Cold Out

Enjoy Your backyard When Cold

It's undeniably getting brisk out but there is no reason to hibernate indoors just because winter is here. We all know that the fresh outdoors benefits our health and welfare and there are ways to enjoy your backyard even when it’s cold out. With winter making its official appearance, it’s time to modify your current backyard space and adjust to the crisp weather. Adding these simple upgrades will make your space as welcoming as it was in the splendid summer weather.   

Warm it Up

An evident element to consider is creating a warm space. Adding some spark with a fire pit or a fire table is a practical way to heat your outdoor space. The perfect place to gather and roast some marshmallows for a gooey treat. Another excellent option are outdoor heaters. Available in tasteful designs to complement your space, you can find decorative styles or simple and modern options. They’re also available in freestanding units or can be mounted onto surrounding structures. Creating warmth all around will have you embracing the warm outdoors and entice your family members to join in.

Add Lighting

add lighting

Even with the addition of an outdoor heating element, the area can still be too dim to provide the right amount of lighting. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, adding outdoor lights can boost and enhance the ambiance. An inexpensive and easy way to add brightness is string lights. Hang them above if you can, or string them along the perimeter of your space. Depending on your budget and style, you can also add lamps in and around the yard, hang a chandelier or add sconces on nearby walls.

Make it Cozy

Make it cozy

Including fun, warming textures and textiles in your space can make your area cozier. Think about swapping out your regular summer cushions for ones that add warmth such as throw pillows made with cable knit, faux fur or even the smooth feelings of velvet. Up this by adding similar textiles for adding layers with a blanket. Drape them over your seating area and guests, creating a warm and welcoming space, outdoors. If you haven’t already included a rug in your design, now is the time to add one to help keep everyone’s toes and feet warm. 

Keep Grilling

Who says that grilling outdoors is only a summer activity? Continue to grill throughout the colder seasons. The heat from your grilling station will add some warmth and a heavenly scent of food will travel to your outdoor space. Doesn’t the smell of delectable food naturally warm the senses? If entertaining is your thing, investing in an outdoor kitchen might be on your list and you’ll be glad you did!

Take Cover

Take cover outdoors

Investing in elements such as heaters, a fancy fireplace or the fluffiest throw pillows are only as good as your enclosure. Eventually, all the heat you’ve created will quickly disperse or be taken away with a wintry gust. Incorporating a feature to keep the warmth contained will extend the length of your stay outdoors. It can be as simple as a large umbrella, shade sail and some curtains. However, if you can go the extra step, install a permanent structure such as a pergola and retractable canopy. These structures can also include curtains, creating a completely closed off outdoor room, and keeping the heat in.

With a few adjustments, you’re well on your way to enjoying your outdoor space during the colder months. Whether it’s a long-term investment or affordable changes, it’ll be worth the extra effort.

Ready to enjoy your space even when it’s cold out? Let us know what additions you’ll be making to extend your time outdoors.

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