Pergola Kits: Why You Will Benefit From a Custom Solution

Pergola kits, customizable kits that include retractable shades, are building a strong reputation as the most convenient and user-friendly of the market’s high-end pergola options. Given their preeminence as a home improvement solution, let’s take a look at some of the details and associated benefits of pergola kits.

They’re highly customizable

Every customer wants to have options when it comes to their purchases.  The idea of a kit brings up a lot of notions like “pre-packaged” or “one size fits all”, but fortunately that is not at all the case with high quality pergola kits. A customer with an eye for detail won’t lose anything in terms of customization with a pergola kit— today’s high-end options can still be tailored directly to your tastes. Every design element including size, materials, color and accessories can be customized.

They’re easy to install and convenient

… And who has time for inconvenience these days? A pergola kit is delivered straight to your home, ready for installation by you or a local installer. Installation can be done easily and quickly, adding to the curb appeal of your home and outdoor space in a matter of hours. Plus, you won’t have to waste countless hours planning, sourcing and hunting down the right materials and tools for your pergola.

They work with accessories

Pergola kits can also be retrofitted to work with a variety of accessories, including fans, lights and curtains. These features can be directly integrated into the design of your pergola kit, further enhancing its already sizable value. Other pergolas would require adjustments and retrofits after the fact. With a pergola kit, LED post lighting can light a dinner party well into the evening, fans can keep you and your guests cool on a summer evening, and curtains can create a sense of intimacy and privacy unavailable in other outdoor structures and spaces.

They add to the value of your home

A well-built pergola is so well engineered and constructed that it can add value to even the most imposing home. Plus, adding a high-quality pergola to your home is almost like constructing an entire new wing of your home. It creates an outdoor “room” with all the amenities of an interior, basically extending the square footage of your house.

All in, a pergola kit provides you with an easy-to-install, high-end feature that can be tailored to your tastes while also adding equity to your home. You get the benefits and features of a large-scale construction project with none of the headaches and all the ease of a kit.

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