Creating an Outdoor Game Room for Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner and what’s a better gift than an outdoor game room? It’s an entertaining outdoor space to spend quality time with family, friends and most importantly, your father figure. No matter our age, at the end of the day, all we want to do is have some fun. 

A game room in the basement or the garage are great ideas, but who wants to spend Father’s Day indoors when the sun is warm and radiant. Rather than plunking a table tennis in an open space, this Father’s Day, turn your unused outdoor space into the best outdoor game room in town.

Find the Perfect Spot

Locating your outdoor games room can depend on how much space you have and what other plans you may have in store for your outdoor area. If you already have an unused area, this is a great way to flow some lively traffic into this part of your outdoor space.  

Ensure you have enough room for the type of gaming table you’re interested in placing. If it’s a tennis table, foosball, or shuffleboard, leave enough room to easily walk around and space to allow spectators to cheer on their favourite player.

Limited space? Establish an area to create a cozy nook for simpler, smaller games that will still be enjoyed by all. 

Equip the Area

Once you find the perfect spot, understand what extras may be needed to have the fully functioning games room dad dreams of. With some creativity and depending on what your budget allows, these extras will provide comfort throughout game day. 

Improve the new space by choosing proper flooring to create a level, safe playing area and define the playing spot. Adding an outdoor fan can provide cooling air flow when the game starts to heat up. A power supply may be needed if your game table needs to be plugged in. Finally, in case of inclement weather or sweltering heat, enclosing the area with a pavilion or pergola with a retractable canopy can help protect and provide shade to the pricey game tables and active players.

Bring the Entertainment

Now that the key components are in place, it’s time to add the exciting stuff. A games room isn’t a games room without the fundamental pieces. The main game table, the eye-catching dart board and surround sound to keep the atmosphere alive.

For low maintenance, choose outdoor game tables and materials equipped to be left outside. These can withstand the different weather conditions and won’t need be stored away when not in use. However, they tend run higher in price. For affordable options, look for tables that are portable and can be stored away to prevent damage when unforeseen weather rolls in.

Dependent on the available space, a bar area is always a great addition. Everyone loves patio season and combining alfresco drinks with fun and games hits the bullseye in grand entertainment.

Another great addition? An outdoor TV, of course. A complete package for the ultimate outdoor games room and dad will be thanking you for bringing the family together.

Grab Essential Furniture

Every game room needs a dedicated area for much needed rests and breaks. Comfy couches to sink into after a tough round, fun bean bag chairs to elevate the ambiance or bar stools for a celebratory drink.

Working with a little nook? For those who fancy brainy board games, a round of crazy 8’s, or dominoes, a few chairs and a stylish table will do the trick. 

Add Finishing Touches

Finally, add the finishing touches to your outdoor games room. Fun wall art such as framing dad’s favourite board games and LED neon signs add to the playful atmosphere. Keep score with a chalkboard or white board for a little competition. Look for outdoor pieces that can withstand the weather or look for pieces at your local antique store that you won’t mind taking some weather abuse.

What else would you add to create the ultimate outdoor games room for dad? Comment below and let us know.

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