Get Inspired with these Three Unique Pergola Decorating Ideas

Incorporating a pergola into the designs of your outdoor space can add considerable economic and functional value to your home. Whether you choose to build the structure adjacent to your home or construct it as a stand-alone feature, you can rest assured that this will become the preferred space of both relaxation and entertainment. The simple yet beautiful design of the pergola has withstood the test of time, however, without your own personal touch, the structure will remain 'unfinished'. There are many different ways to decorate your pergola, but keep in mind, it should reflect your own style and tastes. Listed below are some of the most popular pergola decorating ideas.

Vintage Garden Designs

If you pride yourself on being a green thumb, a pergola can be the perfect way to enjoy the 'fruits of your labor'. This outdoor structure not only defines your space, but can become part of the garden itself. One of the most popular pergola decorating ideas are "vining" plants. These 'wild' vines climb around the pergolas outer structure to provide a natural, organic shade. If you wish to add some colour to the pergola you can also choose 'climbing plants'. Flowers like wisteria and clematis are always a popular choice. Compliment your garden pergola with vintage patio chairs and small tables to contrast with the surrounding greenery while creating a trendy bohemian-chic look. If the pergola is large enough, a vintage metal chaise lounge can add character to a comfortable outdoor napping space.

Contemporary Designs

If you prefer clean lines and sleek design, there are a variety of contemporary pergola decorating ideas that could be used for inspiration. The current designs incorporate solid teak with trendy fabric cushions. This serves to compliment the interior decor while also minimizing the transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Matching a teak cocktail table with four heavy chairs or bench-style cushion seating can help attain this look. A love-seat or chair accompanied with a properly sized centre table can be inviting additions to pergola design. While very modern in appearance, a warm, relaxing atmosphere can still exist. For pergolas that are adjoined to outdoor fireplaces, the contemporary design style could be ideal.

Banquet Design

Outdoor space should not be limited to afternoons lounging in the sun. Incorporating a 'kitchen area' can help achieve new functionality as both a cooking and entertaining space. A pergola can help enhance the dual functioning area by installing a grill or barbecue at the edge of the 'outdoor room'. If close to the house, add an additional pipe for the grill's natural gas hook up. There are numerous design ideas for outdoor dining sets, the most popular this season has been teak chairs around an all weather table. Complimenting your dining set and pergola with specific accessories and a retractable canopy can ensure that your dinner parties go well into the evening, rain or shine.

Make it Your Own

These are only a few examples of the various decorating ideas that you could use when deciding on your pergola design. Firstly, decide on the purpose of your pergola and how you wish to utilize it. Once you have decided on the functionality of your outdoor living space, it is up to you to decide how you want to decorate it. You can use some of the design themes outlined above to get started, but always try to personalize the space to reflect your exact tastes and preferences.

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