Benefits of Adding a Backyard Pergola

Despite their simple build, adding a backyard pergola has benefits that can make a difference in how you use your outdoor space. Composed of posts, beams, and a lattice top, pergolas are adaptable and can complement any backyard model. If you’re still undecided about adding a pergola, here are a few benefits to consider.

Define or extend your outdoor space

The addition of this open-frame design will define spaces without completely blocking them off. Think of an open concept that still outlines each area. Most pergolas are also paired with some type of flooring such as concrete pavers, patterned bricks, or a wooden deck which further defines the space. The attractive idea of entertaining outdoors blooms during the warmer months and will be used more often than you think.

Attaching a pergola to your home can serve as a natural extension of the home’s indoor space. The living area doesn’t simply end once you step through the doors, but it continues with a breath of fresh air. The charming flow to your outdoor space will have you asking yourself why you didn’t do this sooner.  

Create alfresco dining

Whether it’s a small family table in a quaint backyard or an extravagant dining table in a lush garden, eating outdoors resonates with many homeowners. A pergola can help designate this area in your backyard and become an entertainment destination. Make the most of your alfresco dining space with a simple tablecloth, decorative glassware, and comfortable seating.

While the pergola creates a cozy atmosphere, it can also be used as a support system. Hang lighting such as chandeliers, lanterns, and string lights for the perfect ambiance or a ceiling fan to circulate the summer air. Attach speakers for surround sound or hang plants for colorful visuals. 

Protects from the elements

As more become aware of the negative effects of UV exposure, a pergola can provide some protection. Even on the sunniest days, a pergola can cast enough shade to make for a comfortable afternoon. The spacing between the rafters and the sizes of the beams can also make a difference in how much shade is created.

For complete protection, a retractable canopy can be made to fit structures or come as a part of pergola kits. These additions provide flexible sun and rain protection that can be operated easily with a removable handle. When it’s blazing hot outside or an afternoon shower appears, extend the shade for protection. When extra sunlight is welcomed or star gazing is on the itinerary, simply retract the shade for an open roof.

If an eye-catching garden pergola is in your designs, you can cultivate a colorful roof by planting climbing flowers on your pergola. The beauty of dense flowers and lush greens can enhance a beautiful botanical garden. The flowering vines growing up the posts and over the pergola can add to the already visual interest. 

Adds privacy

Whether it’s a simple design or custom-built, pergolas can provide some privacy. The columns and rafters offer a barrier and block unwanted eyes. Soften the look of the posts with weatherproof curtains that can double as side protection. These will deepen the design, and of course, add privacy.

If curtains aren’t in your plans, creative latticework or an ornamental privacy fence are great alternatives. Grouping planters around the perimeter of the pergola will also add obstruction from outsiders looking in.

There are many benefits of adding a pergola to an outdoor area. Hopefully, the points above have changed your mind if you were doubtful, to begin with, or have stamped your pergola plans and are ready for construction. What other benefits have you discovered?

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